Family Visitors

They love the garden and the lovely Lake , especially on a fine day with  Sunshine.  So pleased that on both occasions the days were beautiful, before the Rains came in. You couldn’t have wished for a better and enjoyable time had by all.

Lucy played happily with her ball as she adores people .Playful LucyShe happily

received a knotted toy from my brother , which in turn is good for her teeth. Sitting outside glass in hand with my new Bistro Set, which I purchased earlier in the year. Last month the very same was reduced by 70% so I bought another , just couldn’t resist that . They were getting rid of summer stock I expect, maybe the color put people off.

Walking around the Lake Ducks are plentiful. ducks                It’s such fun having them here. A lot of the baby Ducklings survived this year , happy to say. When the Sunshine’s  there  is no where I would rather be with family and friends . The Garden is loved so much by everyone, they  unwind and walk around   with a   permanent smile on their face. With Lucy it’s an added bonus she is such a fun Dog to have around, and likes to get involved with what everyone is doing. Bistro Set 2015 002

This is my Bistro table which I bring into the Kitchen, which is the place for family and friends to gather ha! Why is that , mind you having  a lovely L shaped Kitchen with plenty of space to spare I’m not surprised

. Summer and what a lovely summer we have had , these are my Roses which gave a late appearance.  Red Hot Pokers done very well also.

Sept 2015 016Hot pokers up by the Pond

Bye for Now have a great Week.


On a Sunny Day and Tree Felling

June 2015 Ducklings 033Roses In June well there they are, but I also noticed Natures little trick. Wild Rose bushes appearing alongside and pushing out my lovely blooms. So once they had died down after flowering I’m afraid I had to cut the little so ans so out. There are plenty by the small pond area where they were in the first place as far as I know. I love any sort of Roses , but the area they were in is quite small.

Blackbirds so fun to watch , especially when they are feeding their young. As they are as big as their parents , just a different shade and speckled. Chase chase around after them like no one’s business.  FEED FEED me !

My absence here was down to the obstruction of the Trees knocking onto the power lines. It has indeed been a good year for growth , anyone notice that this year. So felling was on the menu , it took awhile to sort out for the problem was found.   So hopefully all will be well with phone and Internet connection. Phew!

Lucy , Duckies, Flowers 006

Hello and bye  for now , enjoy your week and new Month ahead. Lets hope its a good one.

I am Blessed


Every Morning I hear the Song Thrush just outside my bed room window.

Previous years He used to belt out his beautiful tones , high in the trees in the distance.

It was 5 30 am and there he was again, now that’s what I call close to Nature.


It does seem to be a busy garden this year, with the Wildlife Birds especially.

I love being this close to Nature.

 I did live on the outer skirts of London , in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

Working and travelling back and forth on busy trips to work.

Congestion was rife, and doesn’t seem to get any easier.

On my visits to outer London has become quite a deal, just recently.

My enjoyment is leaving me in the driving sense. As I get older it just seems to be getting more of a chore.

So back to the garden and peace and tranquility it gives me is indeed a blessing.

Here are some Birds I have spotted  in my garden at the moment :

Bullfinch , Long-Tailed Tit , Goldfinch. The Long-Tailed Tit is nesting at the moment in the bush

just outside my living room window,how lucky am I.

Bye for now

Bullfinch Long-Tailed TitGoldfinch

Happy Easter



Ever.  A Long Tailed-Tit

is nesting in the small Holly Bush just outside my Window.

This was taken 2 weeks ago, I will take an up-dated  picture today, as the bush has thickened


 Any plans for the Easter Holiday , nope.

How about you , the weather has been  quite appalling this last week.

But looks to improve over the Holidays as from today ..Or so they say.

The wind was so bad it kept blowing off my Broadband , quite annoying .

Hope to get out in the garden I’ve a lot to do, it’s quite a mess this time of year.

So dirty paws Lucy is happy , and loves a good old run with her ball.

It’s lovely to see her in full swing , and the ball gives a calming affect to.

Not sure what’s happened to the Frog Spawn, maybe they are there but so small I can’t see them.

Holly Bush 001

If you click on the picture

You may get a better view. Needs a trim but I’ll give it a miss for now.

Lots going on here in Cornwall , I hope to visit the Art Gallery next week.

I just get lost in Beautiful Art work.

So there it is for now , Have a very Happy Easter .

A walk around the Garden



Beautiful Crocus  Always a joy to see the start of a new wild march 001

garden wild march 005garden wild march 003I love to spot a flower poking through that’s maybe the birds have re seeded there.

The Song Thrush has been close by with his beautiful song high in the Fir Tree.

Cake 005When the weather is dreary

I go off to the kitchen , it’s been a while so I put loads of fresh cream inside. Cake making well I try my best

it doesn’t always turn out well. But this one was delicious.

Bye for now and have a wonderful week.

It sure is Cold brrrrrrrr!


The feeders were busy this morning , Robins, blue tits, Woodpecker looking for nuts and even a Magpie.

I hurried out well not that quick and filled them up. Took  to  back room  window a watched them all. The ground is hard and the wind chill is blasting.

A quick dog walk as she held her tail low down behind her, and even Lucy the Lurcher couldn’t wait to get back in, Ha.

Next week is looking to be very cold indeed .

It’s February and the amount of people I’ve heard saying ” oh I’m glad January has passed by” . People’s  moods are so low this time of year, and dearly hoping and looking forward to Spring.

It’s lovely to see the Snowdrops peeping through the hard soil and covered in a dusting of snow.

Valentines Day brings a light relief for some Romantic’s . Shop windows are brightened up with a color splash of red.

 Holiday’s for two, Or short breaks.  and red Roses adorn the florist shop window’s .

I once saw a young man carrying a large bunch of Roses through town, I thought that was really lovely.

Time for coffee as I’m off to the kitchen to try my hand at baking a cake. Not much luck in the past with these, more of a savoury baker., pies and curries etc. I have a tub of fresh whipping cream and some Strawberry jam., for the filling. Fingers crossed it turns out well this time.

Enjoy your Sunday stay warm and safe.

A lot of rain here ..

but what caught my eye a few months back , was the decline of MFP.  My Favorite  Pub , as directly across the road from the Bungalow  where I live, is a lovely little country pub.   To see it going down hill and looking very neglected , was a sad sight to see. The hanging baskets which hung were so full of color and assorted flowers. No longer alive by the first glance , looking very shabby. The paint on the wall on the facing road side looking dirty and flaky. No cars parked there on a Sunday lunch time. I often watched folk escorting the older generation , and children at times, for a hearty Sunday traditional lunch.

Quite a few years  now perhaps 6-7 years, they held a wonderful BBQ for a charity ,  gazebos erected  and  sizzling steak could be smelt from across the road. I invited my girlfriends from town to come along. We needed tickets for live music , so advised them park in my large drive. The place was buzzing , it was a fantastic night . It was summer the evening for warm and pleasant I remember.

Well the owners are trying to de- licence the old place , after failing to sell  this lovely little pub.

Times have changed sad to say ..the nearest pub is only two miles away rather small . It has changed hands many times , but has proved to be very popular with the Village and passing trade. It used to be a post office , until a lot of country post office were closed. It did have a small bar with light snacks . They extended the restaurant after the shut down of the Post . It was called the Pint and Post , nice one don’t you think. Good to say they are doing very well, and serve a good old traditional Sunday Lunch.  Now called THE PINT AND POST , still . a post box sits across the road..

As the weather gets more and more unsettled , I am unable to get myself going at times. Must be the January blues, I’ll just have to pop down the Pint and Post  Ha! Apparently they are very friendly and the food is wonderful.

Love this picture thought I would share it with you.

Enjoy your week , and thanks for reading.

Now where did I park my Bike..

Now where did I park my Bike..

The man up the Pole

give him a hug. Well my phone line has been playing up for so long, all checks and the internet off. Finally a technician came out to give it the once over , or two or three. He spent 4 hours checking inside and out, the overhead cables …that’s where it lay the little culprit ! I could have given him a big HUG. My speed is bad enough here and he improved it a little.

So you can understand my relief .

Holly from the Garden

Holly from the Garden

So it’s that time of year again, cold and Frosty and anything that comes with it.

Next week St Mary Magdalene Church are holding their Festival of Cribs and Christmas Trees. In my little Town seven miles down the road. I love this the Trees are so beautiful. I love also the Church Choir , which sing on the late night shopping. Do any of you enjoy the late night shop, in your local area.

I will make a start next week with cards , I think I said that last week. 😦 time flies by so quickly)

Hope all is well where you are, keep warm’s good to be back.

Few of my Blooms

It rained hard last night with a strong wind , and I could hear Fireworks going off which seemed just across the road.

Bang! I don’t like them at all, Lucy jumped down from her chair.  But I was there to give a warm hug poor love.

Here are a few of my Blooms.Cachtia 2014 040

This  little  plant  was given to me 2 years ago for my December Birthday , they have a lovely fragrance Gardenia not an easy plant to keep going though. But she’s doing well. The Christmas Cacti has just started to flower right now.

Cachtia 2014 052November doesn’t time fly , it has  been 4 years this Month my dear friend passed away . I often think of her we were school mates and sat next to one another. Teenagers we went dancing and played ten pin bowling , although she didn’t like it bowling that is,  very much. But loved the dancing , she was the same height as me 5 7″, we had a lot of fun together. I moved to  the South of England while she stayed in the North East of England. It was a year before she went , her husband and herself gave a visit. I remember the big hug she gave me that day , before they headed off home.

Cachtia 2014 050 So it’s Good Bye from me and Lucy, enjoy your coming Week . Just look at that Lovely Honk!

Chilly Damp October

Being  a chilly start to October hasn’t put off the Collard  Doves having another brood. The Fir tree in the garden gave them a little more protection than previous years. I have encounter a few upsetting eggs that were taken by the Maggie pie sorry to give him a bad name.

Oh what Joy!  I saw them for the first time yesterday afternoon, after hearing some strange noises high up in the tree earlier on.

Three or four not quite sure looking very well , smaller than mum and Dad. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them at last.

Just look at these lovely Cooking Apples this year , so plenty of Apple Pies and Crumble. Yummy. Very happy with these .

Oct 2014 010 It has  sure has been a damp and dismal October , Summer seems like many Moons ago.

The Fir tree ( there are or were three) that was cut down because of power lines.,has given the Fuchsia  opportunity to spread its wings . Around the base  of the tree it was a poor little morsel, but look at it now…Nature Wonderful.

October 2014 one day 009We had visitor’s from London beginning of September , the weather was fantastic. They enjoyed a long weekend helping with the garden , and they both thoroughly enjoyed it.  I helped by making the drinks and sandwiches at the time .

Also cooked a lovely meal for them in the evening . Lucy ( my Lurcher ) had such fun she so enjoys people around. She just plodded around with them until someone was kind enough to throw her ball. Dashing off to return it for an action replay please.

Good time had by all,  that 2 acre garden  has many benefits as well as plenty of work to do. It’s so good when family give a helping hand  and the weather is warm and sunny.   Couldn’t have asked for a more Perfect Weekend. !

Bye for now ..