Garden Blooms Again

Some of the Trees are really looking very pretty. The birds have returned to the feedings boxes, are they feeding their young.  High in the tree back by the Pond Is a nest maybe a Crow.

It’s been a wonderful Easter time Sunshine and Showers , a mixed bag. But this being Easter Monday it is ending on a very pleasant Sunshine Evening.

Hope you have all enjoy your Easter time with family or friends. Catch you Later .


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  1. penpusherpen says:

    Looking good, Sheila, isn’t Spring wonderful and uplifting, with the plants and trees showing their best ‘clothes’ off.. Great too, to hear the birdsong again, … Lovely to catch up with you and see your beautiful garden… Snap, 🙂 in that we’re finishing on a sunshiny evening, … Warmest of hugs to you and L’il Lucy, have a great rest if the week… xPenx

  2. Beautiful Sheila.. Yes its wonderful to see the garden come to life again… Love this photo.. Yes I had a lovely Easter.. and its good to see the birds feeding and bathing in the bird bath too…. Enjoy the Suen.. xox Love Sue xox

    • natswans says:

      Hi Sue it is a uplifting time of year, and seeing everything Bloom again.
      Enjoy your rest and the painting. x x Sheila

      • Thank you Sheila.. Yes the blossoms are coming out lovely and I didn’t get as much time to paint as I thought but I enjoyed my weekend none the less 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the Sun today and your week xxx Love Sue

  3. penelopephoebe says:


  4. Lovely photo! And haven’t we been lucky with the weather!

  5. auntyuta says:

    I love your trees, Sheila. So beautiful to see them coming to life in springtime. Good to hear you had a good Easter. We had the family over for the Easter days and they took us on some outings. We enjoyed this very much. Love and best wishes, Uta. 🙂

    • natswans says:

      Hi Uta is was good to see you enjoying your family time at Easter .
      Hope you well and enjoying the Season.
      Sheila xx

      • auntyuta says:

        Hi Sheila, right now we have autumn here in Australia. On mother’s day we were lucky to have a sunny morning and could go for a beautiful walk with our daughter Caroline who also cooked lunch for us. This I call getting spoiled! 🙂
        Peter baked two cakes in advance. So there was plenty to share around with our afternoon visitors on Mother’s Day. 🙂
        The nights are getting awfully cold here now quite often. June is usually the coldest month in Australia. But even after a very cold night it can be beautiful during the day if the sun comes out. After 4 pm it soon gets dark and cold again!
        Hope you are well, Sheila, and enjoying springtime. 🙂
        Yours Uta from Australia oxox

  6. The Emu says:

    Hi Sheila, hope all is well with you, flowering shrubs and springtime always gladdens the heart.
    That tree looks like a tree here in Australia that we call the bottlebrush, ours is red though.
    Wishing you well my friend.

    • natswans says:

      Hi Emu the more I look outside the more appears , this time of year is a wonderful time. Ok here but weather quite grotty at the moment.
      Hope it clears soon , so I can get out into the garden.
      Trust you are well.
      Sheila 🙂

  7. chicasl10 says:

    Hi There Sheila hope everythign is fine with you. We enjoyed beautful weather But now…wind and rain.But we spend time inside the house No problem
    be well and smile oke

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