two  of my favorite Ladies . Lunch at the local Deli , the tea was served up in a lovely china cup and saucer. They are both in their 80’s and 90’s and have a wonderful zest for life.  I think we must have looked quite amusing at one point, both holding on gently on to my arm. The smiles from strangers was quite warming .  The topic of the  Deckchair came up and finding the easiest way to get up from sitting in one. Seesaw up gently and then up …

I remember days gone by folk used to hire one for the day , at the seaside. The day was spent gazing out to sea , and enjoying a sandwich and a flask of tea. More of a Senior’s spare time interest , I often wonder how they managed to get out of one. Rows and Rows of them along the railing ‘s ready to Hire for the day. So they were indeed very popular. the  mind still boggles…chair It was a fine warm day yesterday bright with Sunny intervals , simply divine. In fact everyday last week and this , the Song Thrush has continued to sing his heart out. Surely this must mean a sign of a Beautiful Spring to come. I think we are all wishing it to be true. A lovely warm Summers Day and just think you will be able to get your deck chair out . Ice cold drink in hand , chuckles to one self. 🙂 and a lovely relax in the Garden.

Enjoy your Week what ever the Weather may throw at us.



About natswans

A young at heart Lady now retired and just trying to enjoy Life and making the most of things. Passionate about the Wildlife. I have owned two Greyhounds over the past 12 years, and just Love them to bits. Soon I will rescue another . The country is the place to be if you love the peace it holds.I love walking along the beach on a fine day sun even better. Reading Posts about other peoples every day lives , in my home land England and other parts of the world.

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  1. penpusherpen says:

    That’s the secret, (not a heavly guarded one tho’ 🙂 ) Sheila, enjoy life whatever the weather throws our way. I could just picture you and your two young at heart companions, and yup, must have been a real trick to get out of a deckchair with composure intact. 🙂 Loved the smile and great to see your update, I want to sing along with the thrush (but best not, he”d be quite put off) welcoming renewing Spring months. warmest of hugs to you and Li’l Lucy. xPenx

  2. Beth says:

    I am really glad that you are so nice to your two old friends. That is wonderful. I would love having a tea with you and drinking it from a china cup! xx

    • natswans says:

      That would be a dream Beth tea with you. I love their company and we make each other laugh. Got to make the most of it and what no better than with good friends xx

  3. Hi Sheila, what a beautiful story of an outing with two graceful ladies.
    I do recall deck chairs here in Australia, but I also recall postcards from the war years of deckchairs at the English seaside called Brighton, the days when they had bathing boxes and the men wore hankys on their heads with knots in each corner.
    Maybe I got my memory confused with that scenario Sheila, but it reminds me of storys of Brighton Pier.

    • natswans says:

      Yes Ian you are quite right Knotted hankies come to mind, I think maybe in the Early 50’s. more so.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Take care

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