Rain on The Window

Rain is plenty here most of January .. I noticed a lack of Birds feeding today my feeders where almost still full. The peanuts where untouched , it’s dreary out there. Only the Blackbird searching the soft mud and the ROBIN singing high in the Fir Tree. Waiting for the rain to cease maybe mmmm.
The Supermarket this Morning was quite busy , but managed a seat for a Coffee and Sandwich. People watching again, it fascinates me . Two fat cream eclairs covered in chocolate ..oh go on try me they seem to plead. The next minute I knew they where in my shopping basket. Naughty!
Home now drizzle started , maybe I will read my book this afternoon , with a lovely cup of tea and yes you guessed it…
A fat cream Cake.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week. πŸ™‚ bye for now.


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  1. penelopephoebe says:

    Love your rain photo, Sheila.

  2. Those eclairs sound inviting no wonder you couldn’t resist .. Yes the Birds seem to know when its going to be bad… We have noticed when its high activity on the bird table the next day is usually raining Cats and Dogs.. So not many around as they tuck their heads under their wings.. πŸ™‚ We altered the feeders under a rose arch with conifers either side, they love this as they flit in and out to keep warm then hop on the feeders to feed off nuts and seeds… We also altered the bird bath nearer to the conifers too.. And it seems to have caught their attention.. I don’t know who gets more pleasure from the birds bathing .. them or Me LOL..

    Have a good week and hope the rain soon clears… But at least its not snow.. I see our American friends are getting another bad blast of snow storms again…
    Take care Shiela.. Hugs Sue xxx

    • natswans says:

      Hope you enjoyed the weekend , although all that rain and high winds…stopped us in our tracks for a nice long walk. Wonder if we will get any snow Sue, turning colder this week. xx Hugs Sheila

      • Hi Sheila, yes I think we will get the snow, but later than usual, I feel it in my ‘Bones’ LOL… It never stopped here, and Saturday we had a very bad thunderstorm, that did quite a bit of damage in the area of the East Mids, as lightning struck buildings and high tornado type winds ripped roofs and pulled up garden fences… It went black overhead We had Hail the size of marbles that came down for around 20 mins…… Very unusual for this time of year Sheila..
        I hope you have a better week for walking out.. Much love and take care, keep dry and stay warm πŸ™‚
        Sue xox

  3. Beth says:

    I think I would like one of those cream cakes Sheila!! Save one for me please!

  4. auntyuta says:

    A book to read, a cup of tea and a nice cream eclair: this sounds like a cosy afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the week, Sheila, even if it is raining.

    • natswans says:

      Yes Uta still raining here , hope your weekend was enjoyable xx

      • auntyuta says:

        We had a long weekend here in Australia for our Australia Day celebrations, meaning the Monday was a public holiday. We went to Sydney on Monday for a lovely visit. Our daughter had baked a very nice yeast cake with plums on top and she served it with fresh cream. Yummy!
        Have a good week, Sheila. oxx

  5. penpusherpen says:

    Same here, Sheila, you could be describing my garden and the birds and lack of feeding. (and the rain too) Just been out to clear the Bird Table of rain sodden seed etc… and replaced with slightly less Suet pellets , dried mealworms , Sunflower Hearts and broken peanuts. I did see a Blue Tit on Monday, makes me wonder if the milder weather is confusing the wild life and Trees, ( One tree near my local Tesco’s has Blossom on it already.) Did you mention Cream cake? Any left ? I’ll be ’round in a jiffy!! hugs to you ‘n’ li’l Lucy xPenx

    • natswans says:

      All gone Pen cream cake mm. Today there is a little flurry of Excitement on the bird feeders. So glad A pair of Doves , blue tits and sparrow’s . A paradise Island for me just relaxing in the sun , in the shade. Reading walking and enjoying all around me. I can Dream , that would be lovely wouldn’t it.
      Hugs xx

      • penpusherpen says:

        I’ll join you on that paradise island Sheila, ’tis raining again today, but ’tis better than the harsh snow and colder weather some are getting in other parts of the World. Roll on Summer eh? πŸ˜‰ hugs aplenty to you and L’il Lucy xxx

  6. Beautiful, Sheila πŸ™‚ Oh… TWO fat chocolate eclairs! πŸ™‚

  7. penpusherpen says:

    Hope your weathers being kinder this week Sheila, we’ve had a few sun sightings, but it never stay for too long. doesn’t want to spoil us I bet. hugs to you and Li’l Lucy.. xPenx

  8. As usual I am late in catching up on blogs Sheila.
    A cosy scenario you painted with your words, hard to imagine here,
    we have high temps, heatwaves and bushfires, our wildlife suffer badly with the bushfires.
    Hoping you are enjoying great health my friend.

    • natswans says:

      Thank you Ian , you are welcome to have some of our heavy rain falls. Lots of flooding around the country, and river banks have burst and swollen. Bringing a lot of misery to a lot of people. It never seems to end. Those fires also sound dreadful the people and animals , I only hope there is an end to this terrible disruption. Enjoy your week and thanks for popping over

  9. chicasl10 says:

    U where watching the ppl around u. The words reminded me of a friend.He is good writer.
    He is Indian In Kolkata and every day he went by train ( who doesnot in India) and watched ppl and made a story of them.
    And abt the birds Well we have also a lot of birds in the garden and my hubby is buying buying ( 10x) a lot of food for them
    its Always a pleasure to see them eat.
    Hope the weather will be dry soon.

  10. I hope you are managing to stay dry Sheila.. Thank you so much for your visit and comment.. Take care out there in these high winds.. Love Sue xox

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