His little feet ran as fast as they could , to reach the other side of the road. I was on my way to do a bit of shopping, I noticed there wasn't any traffic behind me, so I gently braked. Letting him reach the other side towards the field.It was a murky day, drizzle and misty .I was making for the  little town market , with free parking so wasn't too bad. I thought.But when I arrived there it was full up with people trying to find a place and causing an obstruction. So I eventually managed to get out and headed down to the larger car-park further down the road. . Only to find I had to pay  oh Humbug!  There was a slight hill towards town , and I was by this time running a bit late for my dental appointment. Arriving with only a minute spare to catch my breath! After that I picked up a few Books, Indian cookery and a notepad.  As I frequently write to my friend who lives South East, London 200 miles away. Coffee was my next stop a well parched Lady here , and it tasted sooo good. I just love sitting in the seating area near the window , and just watching the World go by. There's about three charity shops in town so I decided to browse and found a few Christmas  bits for my tree and window. After doing a bit of food shop the weather was getting worse , windy and very wet! Right that's enough looking a bit worse for wear , I thought it was time I headed home. Couldn't believe I'd spent four hours in the little town , everyone seemed quite cherry and in the Christmas spirit. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas  and Good Health .Bye For Now


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  1. natswans says:

    I hoped you guessed that it was a little Critter scrurring across the road. 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes I guessed Lol Sheila, glad you got your errands done, time passes by so quickly, the weather has closed in again today cold biting winds and wet…
    Sending you my Christmas thoughts Sheila, I hope you have a wonderful one with family and friends… Keep warm and stay safe and

    Happy Christmas to you too…. And all the very best for 2014 🙂 and there goes another year!… Sigh!..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • natswans says:

      Hi Sue thank you for your visit , yes he just looked so cute couldn’t bare the thought of putting an end to his little life. We have had an awful wet week here , some parts of Cornwall have been flooded yet again. Longing for the cold bright frosty day’s with blue skies.

      Love Sheila xx

  3. Arlene says:

    Hi Sheila, what a nice post, from saving a life to helping others through donating to charity, and keeping someone in work by buying a coffee, that’s how the world goes round, Take care XX
    Arlene and Ruby

  4. skipper12383 says:

    Thanks Sheila for the nice comment you left on my site, and for the visit. Love your post, so nice to know someone with a heart for the little critters also, but when I read you have to pay to go shopping, ouch! You are a good person and I’m proud to even know you. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you get all that you want for Christmas!
    Your Friend,

  5. penelopephoebe says:

    Shame about the weather, Sheila but it sounds like you had a good time in town, anyway. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the new year brings you many blessings.

    • natswans says:

      Hi Pen lovely to see you , so much rain here down the South West, no white Christmas that’s for sure. Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your’s. x

  6. penpusherpen says:

    Lovely read Sheila, and glad for the little critter scurrying safely homewards. (I hope he/she lives long and prospers, ) Hugs and kisses aplenty to you and Li”l Lucy this Christmas time and catch up with you both after the New Year. . xPenx

  7. Enjoyed reading that story Sheila, delightful beginning with the little mouse getting safely over the road.
    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas, Christmas eve here and its a warm night.

  8. chicasl10 says:

    Time goes too fast.I cant hold..Its like sitting on a fast train.
    Reading abt your dog Sheila
    I know abt the hard life those grey hounds have and i never understand why ppl in spain act so wierd with the dogs
    Its heartbreaking when they cant run anymore they let them live a very hard painfull end.

    I know that most ppl dont even know whats happening with the fast running dogs after they cant make money for the owner.
    But any way wish u nice days Head up and smile

    • natswans says:

      These dogs so capture my heart MJ , have a young greyhound /Lurcher…she is 5 years old at least we think she is. Almost like a puppy at times.
      Have a wonderful day
      Hugs Sheila x

  9. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Hi Sheila – & happy new year 🙂

    I enjoyed this piece. Seems to be longer than your usual. It was very descriptive, I enjoyed it. And can SO imagine that coffee. A welcome sup.

    Everyone seemed “cherry” – never heard that expression, but do like it.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, but now here’s to the new year!

    • natswans says:

      Happy New Year Noeleen and hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas.
      Sometimes I don’t have a clue what to write about, and then tap tap tap.
      Hugs Sheila thank you for popping over.

  10. Beth says:

    Time seems to fly by now as I am older. Not so when I was working. LOL xx

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