November Winds and Rain

Walking Lucy this morning wasn’t an easy task, high winds and showers. But we braved it along the country lane..the month of October and November always bring wet and windy weather according to the farmer’s ..yes I suppose they are quite correct , they should know as being out in the fields and tending to sheep and crop’s .
I noticed a few burnt out Fireworks on the grass ..although I must admit I heard very little last night. What I did hear and see was a flash and then a rumble of thunder in the distance. ..yes really not a firework going off.

This last Tuesday I met with my dear friend (93) years old. We enjoyed a lovely Roast dinner , and had a little uplifting chat. She is doing well after losing her husband , but admits to lonely night’s and gazing towards his empty chair.
So glad she has two daughter’s living nearby.

It’s pretty still now out there with a little breeze and the occasional shower. So that’s a blessing ..
Enjoy the rest of the Weekend .


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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    How wonderful imagining you on that walk. It would have been difficult, but so fresh.
    I can imagine your friend gazing at her husband’s empty chair. It’s lovely the dinner you had. 93. Will I make it to 93…

  2. The Wind has been strong, today here is the Sun as been out and not too windy but enough to dry the washing well.. Its good your dear friend has friends like you and good family… It must be hard after all those years learning to live on one’s own..
    Much love sent your way xoxo Sue

  3. Beth says:

    It is wonderful that you are so kind to your older friend. I am sure she appreciates it so much. The header photo is beautiful. xoxox

  4. penelopephoebe says:

    Hiya Sheila. We have had many fireworks going off this week, already, driving my pets crazy and resulting in much dog barking. The weather here has been similar to yours and we have very soggy dogs most days. We have quite a few spring bulbs pushing through but I expect a cold snap will slow them down. Thanks for sympathy over my tumble. Take care. Pen.

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