Looking over from my drive.

This was taken about 5 days ago just before the rains returned.

But having nothing to complain about really , compared to Hurricane Sandy. Watching the updates on TV I couldn’t believe what these poor people were going through. My heart reaches  out to them all.

There is more rain ahead and the Winter is threatened with local flooding once again. We must look forward to the Festive Season and Thanks Giving. Try to feel good and share some time and Love to our Families if Possible.

This was taken a few days ago .. Bye Have a Lovely Weekend 🙂


About natswans

A young at heart Lady now retired and just trying to enjoy Life and making the most of things. Passionate about the Wildlife. I have owned two Greyhounds over the past 12 years, and just Love them to bits. Soon I will rescue another . The country is the place to be if you love the peace it holds.I love walking along the beach on a fine day sun even better. Reading Posts about other peoples every day lives , in my home land England and other parts of the world.

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  1. Beth Marie says:

    You have lovely scenes to look at just from your home. I hope the rain goes away and you have a sunny day. xx Beth

  2. Loving your new layout too Sheila, and your picture updates, Yes we are lucky in this country as we dont suffer the storms they do else where… The weather sunny but chilly here today Sheila, so stay warm…
    a big hug sent your way my friend xxxx
    Love Sue xx

    • natswans says:

      Thank you for your visit Sue , at least it has been a spell of dry weather,.
      Just waiting to put the remainder of the Daffs out. Yesterday I noticed they where all sold out phew!
      xxSheila xx

  3. chicasl10 says:

    I followed Sandy also When i saw tv Its Like after tsunami.Boats on land My god.
    I wish those ppl much strenght For the days to come.
    Good that they cancelled the marathon It would be so unrespectfull.
    Rains wind Its autumn Enjoy the weekend Sheila..
    Lots of hugs

  4. chicasl10 says:

    Hi Sheila Marijke Here I dont get my fotoprofile here I dont know why but
    thats something else.
    seems after Sandy the same ppl got a snowstorm to handle..Horrible.
    i pray

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I love the look of where you live, Sheila, all that green. Beautiful & fresh.

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