It’s funny this time of year I am at a loss what to write about. The weather maybe dull cloudy and wet at the Moment. But quite mild for this time of year, I don’t like snow and won’t drive in it.   Not much you can do in the garden either , although I do have some pretty Primroses to go the wall out the front. Oh I’ll do that tomorrow , me thinks.

I have an eye test , check up at the dentist and a trim next week. If I can be bothered to make an appointment that is. 🙂

I found a lovely little Cookie Recipe nice and easy they turned out very tasty. I’ll put that on tomorrow  for you , me thinks.

Have a good week what ever the weather of the Mood you’re in.   What may I ask mood are you in today? 🙂

A beautfiul Morning

About natswans

A young at heart Lady now retired and just trying to enjoy Life and making the most of things. Passionate about the Wildlife. I have owned two Greyhounds over the past 12 years, and just Love them to bits. Soon I will rescue another . The country is the place to be if you love the peace it holds.I love walking along the beach on a fine day sun even better. Reading Posts about other peoples every day lives , in my home land England and other parts of the world.

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  1. rosemarymonteith says:

    A bit late in the day, but have a good evening

  2. Beth Marie says:

    I think I am in a nostalgic mood here today. The snow is coming down pretty heavy right now and the temp has been dropping all morning. Going to be bitter cold tonight.

    xoxox to you and Wile-e!

  3. Arlene says:

    Hi Sheila, a bit like me right now, can’t think of anything to post, though I had an idea for two the other day but they’ve disappeared, I was a bit too tied up with the dogs and their little probs.
    The weather here is wet and muggy, not at all nice, so gardening is well and truly off the menu.
    Watching The One show right now and Michael Portillo is the guest, I like him, don’t know why but I find his voice very soothing and I feel he is one of the more dignified of the politicians. I’ve been watching the stars with Brian Cox and trying to catch the Bake off, while trying to mess around on the computer, absolutely barking I am ‘cos I don’t really get into any of it completely.
    I’ll check out your cookie recipe, but I’m logging off right now as i’ll post up what is on my mind and my doings’ love and hugs to Wile-e and your good self. XX

  4. Arlene says:

    Caught the cookies recipe Sheila, sounds good I’ve juts got to get the ground almonds . Let’s bake, as they say.

  5. The Sun shining through your window Sheila looked a very beautiful day.. Unlike today here in the Midlands, Wet and a miserable day, I know what you mean, I think that the winter days can drag a little, thats why I like to get into a cozy corner with a book, or knitting, and thats when my hubby says he puts on weight, as I bake alot more in the winter months too…
    Ive just got out fresh baked bread from the oven and yum I could eat some now with some butter.. But Im being good… Look forward to your recipe Sheila.. Hugs Sue

  6. penelopephoebe says:

    What a beautiful photograph, Sheila.

  7. Hi Sheila , great pic , you could only have a happy mood
    with a beautiful sunrise like that , hope your weekend is going as well as mine is

  8. Hope you are keeping warm Sheila also Wile-e…. we have just started to get the flakes of snow fall here in the midlands.. with more forecast for tomorrow… but we have escaped what they got on the east coast yesterday as Skegness got snow their yesterday.. have a great weekend Sue x

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