UmbrellaAfternoon all hope you are well , today its very muggy and there’s drizzle in the air. Just popped out with Wile-e for a little walk and got caught out in it again.
Anyway I did manage to find a picture of little Sharnie , I haven’t any ink in my copier so I just took a snap of it. So Sorry about the quality. This one is when my sister and hubby went on holiday and I looked after her for a week. She loved this sqeaky toy she must have been only 12years old at the time. Her best trick was to try and pull my sox off when I was sitting down, so funny.Sharnie actually did have a litter of pups at one point, but as she herself was quite a small  dog people would often mistake her as a pup. Her coat was quite long in these photo’s but when she was all trimmed and primped she looked like a little teddy bear. I did have one of her running on the beach 2006 but not quite sure where it is if I find it I will also post it , these are very fond memories and I shall always remember those days with joy. It was always a pleasure to look after her with never a dull moment.
I had a whole batch of old photo’s in my bottom cupboard oh how I laughed at some of them and they brought back memories. I must have lost myself for a few hours in them. Enjoy your weekend just off to catch up on your blogs…

About natswans

A young at heart Lady now retired and just trying to enjoy Life and making the most of things. Passionate about the Wildlife. I have owned two Greyhounds over the past 12 years, and just Love them to bits. Soon I will rescue another . The country is the place to be if you love the peace it holds.I love walking along the beach on a fine day sun even better. Reading Posts about other peoples every day lives , in my home land England and other parts of the world.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Bet you enjoyed looking at your old photos. Have a great week end

  2. Arlene says:

    Oh, she’s so sweet Sheila, and such a character. I’ve often fancied a Yorkie,but I’d worry it’d get lost.It’s lovely to go through al these old photos, you can get so lost, I sorted lots of mine a few months ago, bought albums and did a time scale, daughters as well.Happy weekend

  3. Arlene says:

    B*****r I thought I’d deleted the bit with caps, and it all disappeared, so started again, but it re-appeared, I can’t be bothered deleting and starting again, but maybe it will make you smile at this dopy female.

  4. Sheila says:

    Thank you Rosemary I will and you to, its ok Arlene I have deleted them for you well I think so unless they come back again LOL.Yes it is fun flickering through the old photo’s on a rainy day. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Rosemary says:

    Just saying Hello, as I have finally managed to access Spaces again.

  6. Dreamwalker says:

    Loved that Photo,.,. I love getting old photo albums out, you spend hours browsing through them, and relive the memories when kids and pets were young, .. A Happy Week wished your way xx

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