Eye-rolling Well its another awful day here in Cornwall a freezing cold wind a blowing, that cuts straight through you. Lunch time the snow came again. Just when you thought it was safe to go out , it’s back again. But I did venture out and buy some well needed groceries. Over the weekend I heard the large supermarket was buzzing and people where eagerly looking for a parking spaces and short shouting matches broke out!! It was so packed everyone was panic buying.
On a better note here’s Wile-e sitting right by the rad refusing to budge when called , as if to say no way I’m not going out there. Enjoy your day and keep warm.

About natswans

A young at heart Lady now retired and just trying to enjoy Life and making the most of things. Passionate about the Wildlife. I have owned two Greyhounds over the past 12 years, and just Love them to bits. Soon I will rescue another . The country is the place to be if you love the peace it holds.I love walking along the beach on a fine day sun even better. Reading Posts about other peoples every day lives , in my home land England and other parts of the world.

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  1. Beth says:

    I am glad you could get out for a little while as winter seems to be dragging on and on. I love the picture of Wile-e/

  2. Pat says:

    Wile-e looks like he has grown a lot since I last saw him. Glad to see he is a sensible dog. I hope you have enough provisions to last to the next reasonable day!

  3. penny says:

    Wile-e always poses so well.

  4. Sherrilynn says:

    Hi, hun just stopping by to say hello, Hope you are well. Be careful out and about. Wile-e is a smart doggie.May be the snow will leave soon. Good day.

  5. Rosemary says:

    No panic buying here, but we are not getting snow as deep as you are

  6. Charlotte M Simonsen says:

    Hope by now your snow has settled and will soon warm up. hugs lottemae

  7. Dianne says:

    Hope all is well with you and Wile-e and you both are staying warm and comfy. Love this photo of Wile-e. It looks like Wile-e is gathering warmth from the heat rad plus the warmth of the sun shining in on him. He sure has grown and is so Beautiful and picture perfect.To bad you couldn’t send some of that snow to Vancouver as they need more snow for the Winter Games and are having snow trucked in , Can you imagine that? :)Thankyou also for those two adorable pups in my guestbook. They sure made me smile. Very Cute, indeed. I am fine but very busy working Mon. through Friday along with other things. I am tired and think I will go to bed early tonight as I need my beauty sleep and have another full day tomorrow. I hope one of these days to get out with my camera. It has been awhile.Well you take care and stay safe and warm. Hope all your ducks are making out okay , also. Dianne 🙂

  8. Babblelot says:

    Oh Wile-e is so adorable. He looks very comfy.Spring is around the corner somewhat.Hang in there.

  9. Patsy says:

    Spring is coming I know it is and I hope soon as it is cold and raining here too. Wile-e has the best idea stay by the heat and this too shall pass. Hugs to you both.

  10. Duckie says:

    For some reason, especially this week, I have had remind myself that spring will come.

  11. Dreamwalker says:

    Hi Sheila I cant say as I could have blamed Wile-e he looks to have fond the warmest spot to sit too… Lol… I was snow bounded for two days I couldnt get out to get to work.. Hope the forcast snow for the end of the week doesnt come or last too long.. Love the picture of Wile-e take care Sheila and Yes its good to be back.. Fingers crossed xxxx 🙂

  12. Curiosity says:

    Looks like Wile-E owns that patch of sunshine. The softest fur I ever felt was on a dog similar to him, it was under his chin just at the top of the throat.

  13. Arlene says:

    What a handsome and sensible fella that Will-e is, I think he should have a word with Tango to tell him that staying home in the warm is just as much fun as going out in the cold., and stop behaving like a collie and more like a greyhound. ahhhh bliss for me.

  14. Sheila says:

    Thank you Arlene your visits are appreciated ….xx

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