Spring has Sprung

Since my last post the garden has indeed brought many Birds to my Garden.

I was so thrilled to see just outside my window , a pair of nesting Long Tail Tit’s.

I can get a really good look at them now, so small but so brilliantly clever.

I remember they nest here about 4 years ago, when they leave the Nest , they

actually seal up the entrance.

I noticed the Site next Door have two Goats oh no wait three.

Keeping the grass down , saving chores ahead.

Love peering through the Trees to observe them now again.

I will update when I can , having trouble inserting a picture here today.

Must get used the the new format.


Take you away:

At this time and what we are enduring. Let me take you away for a while.

My garden is my haven as many of you know already. At this moment in time it has become the  best beautiful place to be.  Wildlife busy nesting , it sure is Spring .

Geese seem to like it here  have sitting around the Lake , this is the third time in a row. Female ducks seem to be scattered every where, four of them, some of  their  nests have been disturbed , and since abandon them. But rest assured they will get another chance.

As I stepped out my back door to fill my feeding stations up for the Birds. Who Did I see, Mrs and Mr Robin , waiting for me, and they were quite close to me. A young Robin some where there in the bushes/  oh I’m a poet .

Daisy’s on the lawn and a kind of buttercup, not the June addition .

To be continued :

Take Care  everyone pray we will all see the light at the end of the  Tunnel.





Garden full of Birdsong.

It was quite a windy day yesterday , but the Sunshine made up for it. Bringing with it lots of Birds visiting . Woodpecker normally shy , but I could see him from my Conservatory window. Blackbirds Robin sparrows , and I love the Long tailed Tits. Early Evening Goldfinches about three flitting about on the front Lawn. Picture of a Goldfinch to give you some idea. GoldfinchSuch a pretty little bird.

It’s quite refreshing when I get a day like this, lifts my Heart.  Oh and the Geese are back this year , they seem to like this place . Mum is on the island middle of the Lake nesting.  My reckoning is mid May or early . After that they will stay for three Months. Long-Tailed Tit

Long tail Tit, quite a small but very cute little Bird as you can see.

Will be back soon Bye for now .


continued: Spring Summer is a time of new Birth. Mum Ducks busy with their Chicks.

This little female Duck has been here  a number of years now . The life span is about 10 years

so this could be her last brood. She has flown the garden she loved to travel. who knows. She was very tame and through the years became a wonderful mother.

I had quite a few visitors this year coming and going. I’m sure they drawn here by my wonderful garden, as there is no place quite like in the Summertime.

When the time does come to downsize I sure will miss this place.

It is the passion I hold in my heart for the Wildlife.

June Baby's

The Summer

DSCN2275.JPGWell I am talking about last year, the long hot days and warm nights.

It lasted for a few months with very little wet days in between.

Time spent with my lovely Lucy in the Garden. was such  a joy. she just loved to sit with me. Looking up and asking for another play , her eye’s looking straight into  mine.

After almost 18 years a pair of Geese decided to nest up by the Lake.

It was along process Dad keeping guard over his mate, while she sat on the island in the middle of the pond. After about a month surprise 6 baby Goslings Yay!   They ate for 14 hours a day  when they were tiny balls of fluff. Which meant they were growing a fast pace . Oh boy did they !

Lucy was very good she didn’t mind them at all




Spring and a Bud or Two


IS’NT it Wonderful when the first sight of Buds finally appear.

After a very wet year so far, the sun has cast her spell. These are the first and  the colours are truly amazing.

THE LAKE top of my garden is very quiet at present. Ducks and Moorhens are both nesting. Also had the arrival of a pair of Geese. So as the Month passes it will indeed get very busy. I shall post some pictures when the big moments arrives.

Bye for now stay well and Enjoy the Spring or the Season you are in.


Autumn Leaves chilly eve’s


This time of year the Wildlife seems dwindle , hiding away somewhere safe and warm. Or fly off to warmer climates.   Aww my little Robin is still around and the Blackbird. I wasn’t going to bother feeding Robin, until I saw him peering through my window, on my tired old washing line.

With all the rain here the grass always is damp , Lucy ( my Lurcher ) does not like it at all.

In fact she will stand at door and refuse to go out… When she does she always takes her ball in her mouth, seems to have calming effect. But when she drops it is hard to pin point amongst all the yellow leaves Ha!


My lovely Christmas Caci she is indeed in full Bloome.



The Lake is pretty much as this picture will tell you, a few Ducks do come and go.

Only two Ducklings survived this year , but that is life they will mate and maybe have their baby’s here.

The Local pub re-opened just across the road, is that good I say    yes!

They do great Lunches and evening meals. In fact it has very good reviews.

Halloween was a great hit , as they brought with them their gear from previous Pub.

Packed to the brim  to say the least , but not many Locals for the particular Gig.

Anyhow it is so good to see the Bunting outside and the Lights on   YAY!


Farewell for now and take Care


Evening Blackbirds

This is a lovely time of year for Birdsong, they are so busy. Nest building and trying chat up a mate ..

9 30pm walking my Lucy (Lurcher) The sound of the birds was spell bounding. Swallows were busy high in the sky and even  came close to Lucy as they sped by her head. Not entirely sure what that meant.

The Woodpecker came by and fed on my peanuts , always a pleasure to see them. The pretty little Goldfinch has hung about for while longer than usual, I think maybe they settled to build a nest here . With so many Trees all thick and green there’s plenty to choose from. Oh that’s wonderful !

A cheeky large breed Duck has popped over from next doors Pond. I think he is three times bigger than the Mallards on the Lake . Must be short of females I since have discovered. So invited himself over , has been here for 4 weeks now. Two years ago a family of Mallards produced a pair  had more white than the normal Ducklings. These two survived and seem to be a bit larger and tougher. MMM  me thinks I know now who the father is.  Oh and most of the rest of the family did . Often see him sitting close to two Drakes as if he knew they were his off Springs. Ha !

Taking a break see upload the pictures shortly ..Catch you Later have a lovely Day.




What Dwells Inside

I don’t often write a poem but this one is from my Heart. Telling you of the feelings one feels inside , after losing my precious companion.
What Dwells Inside
The Thrashing Seashore roars relentlessly ..
Sweeping higher and higher as it retreat’s.
Eye’s wide open taking it all in the feeling of un-calm sweeps me.
Gushing and Swirling round and round , her poor mind is no longer sound.
For the Loss of her dear companion
The feeling of Emptiness prevails.
The Waves inside her still battering away.
She can not forget that fateful day.
As she walks in the path they used everyday there beside her is an empty space.
As her hand reaches down by her side to touch to feel.
Her dear companion has risen to another place.
Time passes by and memories run deep.
Like a calm sea and sunset settling down to sleep.
The Waves are calm as the tide subsides.
Remembering all the Love and Friendship they shared.
As he strolled by her side.
In Memory of My Beloved Wile-e

Simply Beautiful

painting greyhound

I simply adore this Painting it so reminds me of my darling Wile-e .

Poem’s are not my thing but I did write a poem here a few years ago.

I went back to find it in my Archives  I shall re post it again soon.